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Join us in building a launchpad for innovative tech founders by supporting our accelerator program, alumni program, or visionary events like Champions of Change. Only with your support can we reach more founders and have a greater impact.



Do you have deep industry expertise that can help move founders and their companies forward? Use your experience to make a lasting impact in business and in a person’s life. Contact us to learn more about our team and mentoring options.


Give + Receive

DivInc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations directly support and empower people of color and women entrepreneurs, helping them build successful high growth businesses by providing them with access to education, mentorship and vital networks.

Membership benefit options:

Corporate Diversity Partner, Founders Circle, Friends of DivInc



DivInc volunteers share their time and their expertise to help run our award-winning programs and events with measurable, lasting results. Current needs include event planning, social media coordination, content creation, and website management.


 Sponsorship Programs


Diversity Partner Program

Designed to give brand exposure to companies who support DivInc’s mission and care about DEI. We also provide resources (via our network) to support corporate DEI initiates. We offer an annual event of DEI thought leaders to discuss best practices and give tangitibles our partners can use.

Brand Exposure as Corporate Diversity Leader

• “DivInc Diversity Partner” branding and recognition on DivInc website
• Company logo displayed in DivInc office
• Opportunity to place official DivInc Diversity Partner Badge on company website
• Official DivInc Diversity Partner signage to display in company’s office
• Recognition as Diversity Partner at signature events
• Sponsor Spotlights on social media

Executive DEI Networking and Thought Leadership

• DivInc Executive DEI Advisory Member

Access to Innovation and Interactive Employee Engagement:

• Reserved tickets to DivInc events (Demo Days and Community Happy Hours)
• Opportunity to introduce DivInc founders to corporate innovation and/or supply diversity programs
• Exclusive-to-members quarterly memos from the CEO + Board Chair detailing organizational growth, victories, and challenges

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Founders Circle Program

DivInc’s Founder’s Circle is a network of individuals passionate and committed to enhancing our innovation ecosystem by removing barriers to essential resources and opportunities for people of color and women entrepreneurs looking to build high growth startup companies.  Our Founder’s Circle of friends are furthering DivInc’s mission to empower people of color and women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to education, mentorship, and vital networks. 

DivInc’s Founder’s Circle Members help ensure sustainability for DivInc’s programming and innovation creating a pathway to socio-economic success for people of color and women entrepreneurs in tech.

DivInc’s Founders Circle members receive:

• Invitation to exclusive quarterly DivInc advisory meetings
• Recognition on the official DivInc’s Founders Circle Website
• Special access and invitations to all DivInc’s events, including Demo Days and 2 VIP tickets for Champions of Change
• Opportunity to serve on DivInc’s Advisory Committee
• Exclusive-to-members quarterly memos from the CEO + Board Chair detailing organizational growth, victories and challenges
• An official DivInc T-shirt

Current Founder Circle Members

Dan Graham
Josh Jones-Dilworth
Jonathan Kaplan
William Hurley “Whurley”
Ben McCraw

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Champions of Change Sponsorship

DivInc is proud to announce the Champions of Change Awards on February 28, 2020. This special event recognizes local individuals and organizations who not only hold diversity as a core value, they also “walk the talk” to make Austin a truly inclusive community. A selection committee, made up of diverse and distinguished leaders and influencers from around Austin, will select winners for the following categories: Executive of the Year, D&I Leader of the Year, Program of the Year, Champion of the Year, Investor of the Year, Rising Star of the Year and Non-Profit Leader of the Year.

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Accelerator Program

An intensive 12-week startup accelerator program that provides a unique culture of support and equips. diverse founders with strategies critical to creating exceptional companies, driving job creation, and contributing to strong economic growth.

Membership Benefits

For Corporate Sponsor:

• Recognized as our Social Impact Partner
• Access to diverse leadership of founders, mentors, investors, and advisors
• Create a stronger brand supporting diversity and inclusion
• Connection to new Innovation Network

Corporate Sponsor and DivInc Collaboration will:

• Significantly increase the number of successful startups led by diverse founders
• Generate cultures of inclusive innovation within the corporate ecosystem
• Develop leadership skills of prospective founders by providing influential programming, mentorship and workshop training

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Alumni Program Sponsorship

DivInc’s Alumni Program provides customized support for our founders after they have completed our 12 week accelerator. This year long program is critical for helping founders progress through their entrepreneurial journey, meeting their needs at every stage.

Benefits for Corporate Sponsor

• Recognized as an official DivInc Diversity Partner
• Direct engagement to support diverse startup founders
• Deeper brand recognition as local and regional DEI leader
• Access to DivInc Innovation Network

Corporate Sponsor and DivInc Collaboration will:

• Significantly increase the number of successful startups led by diverse founders
• Create more authentically diverse, equitable and inclusive ecosystem
• Ensure founders receive the resources they need at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey


Startup Sistas Sponsorship

Startup Sistas is the catalyst for creating the most powerful network of women of color in the startup ecosystem. Our purpose is simple. We remove barriers to essential resources and opportunities for women of color entrepreneurs looking to build successful high growth startup companies.

We know the challenges that women of color face as entrepreneurs all too well. We help navigate the ecosystem more effectively, by sharing best practices and dramatically expanding your network with potential investors, talent, partners, influencers and potential customers. Startup Sistas is where we help make things happen for women of color entrepreneurs.

Sponsor Benefits:

• Title sponsor for event
• Sponsor logo on invitations and social media promos
• Opportunity to place signage at event
• Opportunity to engage, sample products or service and drive traffic to sponsor platforms