DivInc transforms the existing entrepreneur tech ecosystem into a more authentically inclusive environment. Through our efforts, we inspire, empower and enable underrepresented founders to build successful high growth businesses. We aim to unleash the untapped and hidden innovative talent within our communities and generate an entrepreneur mindset shift for generations to come.

We believe diversity and inclusion drive innovation. Through our programming, we help build a more authentically inclusive innovation ecosystem. Since 2016, we’ve provided 64 founders and 49 tech and tech enabled companies with critical strategies to succeed and grow their startups.


Your support allows DivInc to help underrepresented founders like Kim Roxie.

Kim is originally from Houston and completed Divinc’s program in the summer of 2018. Kim started her career running a retail cosmetics store, but decided to shut it down to build her own company, LAMIK Beauty, focused on creating a vegan cosmetic line with natural ingredients exclusively for women of color.

Since DivInc, Kim has gone on to be apart of SputnikATX and Texas Venture Labs, and she’s currently in the SKU 7 Track program. Kim’s one of Austin's startups to watch in 2019, via Silicon Hills News.

DivInc gave me access to an ecosystem I didn’t know how to break into. DivInc cohorts are a family, we support each other through this startup rollercoaster ride.
— Kim Roxie