We’re on a mission to generate
social and economic equity
through entrepreneurship

We envision a world where social and economic disparities no longer exist.

Our Values

Live the Mission

Live the Mission. Equity is Our Compass: We are all about intentional decision-making rooted in our shared vision of a more just world. We live it out in everything we do.

Stronger United

Empathy is Our Strength: We aim for more collaboration, less competition. Transparency, empathy & grace are how we get there. We are stronger united.

Relentless Innovation

Innovation is Our Passion: We aren’t just problem solvers, we are problem optimizers. Challenges open the door for innovation, so we welcome them with open arms.

Courageous Ownership

Courage in Our Leaders: Each person has the ability to affect change. We encourage everyone to take ownership of their space and be fearless in their leadership.

DivInc Team

Our Board

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