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5 BIPOC and Women Startup Founders Harnessing DWeb for Social Impact

Applications for the Fall 2023 DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator are open!

by Lara Adekeye

Our Fall 2023 DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator, supported by the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW), kicks off this Fall.

The program aims to support social impact startups led by BIPOC and women founders focused on leveraging DWeb and Web3 technologies to promote access and equity across various industries.

Social Impact. It's for the greater good.

When we talk about "social impact," we're referring to initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. Social Impact founders are leaders and advocates who develop solutions to enhance equity and inclusion for us all. DWeb and Web3 technologies encompass a wide range of tools, such as blockchains, crypto-assets, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and meta-verses. To illustrate the fusion of activism and the decentralized web in action, we've curated a list of 5  BIPOC and women startup founders who are actively reshaping the landscape and challenging inequities by harnessing the power of the decentralized web.

1. Iris Nevins, Co-founder and CEO of Umba Daima

Iris Nevins is a former teacher, former community organizer, and former software engineer turned founder helping diverse communities to embrace innovation. Umba Daima is led by a team of educators, creatives, technologists and activists using NFTs to build digital communities that empower diverse people to create economic opportunity through technology. 

2. Geordan Shannon, Co-founder of Unexia

Dr. Geordan Shannon is a medical doctor, global health academic, and co-founder of Unexia, a decentralized platform designed to meet the global health challenges of the 21st century. Unexia will leverage web3 and blockchain technologies to increase transparency and democracy in global health financing and impact. 

3. Linda Adami, Founder and CEO of Quantum Temple

Linda Adami is a multi-cultural innovation and impact strategist with experience in emerging markets across Central America, South East Asia, and the Gulf. Quantum Temple is a web3 platform that helps to connect with ancestral communities and preserve cultural heritage, art forms, and knowledge using blockchain technology.

4. Robby Greenfield, Co-founder and CEO of Umoja Labs 

Robby Greenfield's passion in life is “to empower under-resourced communities by developing product-centric social enterprises and social impact programming.” Rooted in his lived experiences and engineering expertise, Greenfield found his path through leveraging technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain for good. With blockchain experience dating back to 2011, today, Greenfield serves as co-founder and CEO of Umoja Labs, which serves to democratize web3 payments in emerging markets. 

5. Andrés Felipe Joya Mosquera, CEO and Co-founder of Coally 

Andrés Felipe Joya Mosquera is an economist, social entrepreneur, and CEO and co-founder of Coally. Coally works to reduce the unemployment rate of young professionals in Latin America by using artificial intelligence to connect companies and young professionals through its recruiting platform.

We know that this list only scratches the surface, and there are countless startup founders innovating at the intersection of Social Impact and emerging technologies. Many early stage startups are ready to take their next step with DivInc.

That's why we're thrilled to announce the launch of our Fall 2023 DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator. We invite you to join our community and share your vision with us. Let us support your social impact goals by providing the necessary tools, a supportive community, and valuable resources to take your journey to the next level.

Together, we can drive positive change and empower even more founders to make a lasting impact.

Apply for the Fall 2023 DWeb for Social Impact Accelerator today!