Women In Tech

6 Things You Need To Know Before Applying to the Women in Tech Accelerator

We are excited to begin officially recruiting for the Spring 2023 Women in Tech accelerator!

Last week, we launched our Fall 2022 Women in Tech accelerator fueled by SheSpace in Houston, and we are excited to begin officially recruiting for the Spring 2023 Women in Tech accelerator in Austin! Read on for 6 important things you need to know before applying.

#1: DivInc focuses on for-profit tech startups looking to scale and potentially become venture backable.

In order to be eligible to participate in a DivInc accelerator, applicants must be for-profit tech startups focused on scaling and potentially becoming venture backable. Non-profit organizations and consulting firms will not be considered at this time. If you have questions about your company’s eligibility, reach out to the programs team at

#2: The Women in Tech Accelerator is industry-agnostic

The DivInc Women in Tech accelerator program is industry-agnostic, which means we accept startups in any industry. Whether it's health tech, fem tech, ed tech, fin tech, or new innovations in travel, as long as you're working on an innovative tech-based solution to a real world problem, we encourage you to apply!

#3: Women in Tech applicants must identify as a Woman or female founder.

DivInc’s Women in Tech accelerator is open to women identifying and non-binary-led companies. If you have questions about your eligibility, feel free to reach out to the programs team at

#4: Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) should already be built.

Although we don’t focus exclusively on revenue numbers , we do look for founders who are past the ideation stage. We want to make sure that you have a product or platform that is ready to launch, pilot, or send out into beta testing so that we can help you measure traction during the program.

#5 Be ready for intensive growth & coaching!

Our 12 week accelerator is designed to help founders achieve in three months what would typically take  a year to accomplish alone. Our rigorous curriculum and subject-matter-expert led workshops focus on honing product market fit, gaining early traction and understanding the pathways to scalability and growth. Coachability is key!

#6 We Support the Whole Founder, Not Just your Company

We know that there are unique challenges that women and BIPOC founders face when building startup companies, so we are intentional about providing holistic support to founders throughout our program. Weekly check-in’s, social outings, community meals, and childcare stipends are just a few ways that we live out the value of supporting the whole founder, not just the company. Ultimately, our goal is for founders to leave our program with the DivInc fam as another support system to lean on as you navigate the ups and downs of being a startup founder!

Need more information? Watch the recap of our Lunchtime Linkup interview with Austin Program Director, Alyssa Padron and Houston Program Director, Amanda Moya below!