DivInc & Fundr Make Big Leap Towards Bias-Free Investing

A dedication to removing the roadblocks faced by underrepresented founders on their startup journey is what makes DivInc who we are, and we are excited to announce a big leap forward in that pursuit thanks to our new partnership with Fundr.

Fundr, an investment marketplace founded by Lauren Washington, Boris Moyston, and Jean-Philippe Desmontils, uses AI to vet startups and remove bias from the investing process so the best companies get funded. DivInc will use these powerful tools to optimize our accelerator application process and startup portfolio development. 

“This partnership with Fundr is exciting because it helps us do more of what is exactly in our ethos,” said Preston James, co-founder and CEO of DivInc. “We are here to equip underrepresented founders to make an outsized economic and social impact, and to connect investors to high-growth opportunities. The Fundr platform will provide us with the data and investment management tools we need to do both, while helping us bring increased equitable decision-making in both our application process and investment opportunities.”

This new partnership with Fundr will expand DivInc’s ability to review and manage applications, process deal terms, and develop portfolios of vetted startups for investment.

Taking the partnership one step further, Fundr will also launch a new feature, the Investment Readiness Report, designed to connect DivInc’s startup founders with their current and potential backers by giving them the tools to quickly provide updates, growth indicators, and other pertinent information. 

“The vision we have for Fundr is to help both investors and startup founders be successful. Our platform gives investors a streamlined way to review due diligence, get updates from the founders in their portfolio, and get the ROI they want. For founders, we make the evaluation and reporting process easy to save them time so they can focus on building their businesses. It’s expected that a full 75 percent of venture investment decisions will be supported by AI by 2025. This is the future, and we’re excited to work with DivInc to get there,” said Lauren Washington, co-founder of Fundr. 

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