Women in Tech

DivInc Launches Women in Tech in Houston

DivInc is dedicated to creating the opportunities and the spaces for women to thrive. - Preston James, DivInc CEO

We as a tech community have fallen short when it comes to female founders. We MUST invest in women, ESPECIALLY, Black and Latinx women, period. 

Black women are the most educated demographic in our society but are the, least invested in as entrepreneurs, and Latinx female founders receive only 0.4% of venture capital funding, according to a 2018 report.

This is unacceptable. Women make up 50% of the US population! 

Women excel in a variety of areas that are important to 21st century leadership skills, including cooperation, communication, taking initiative and driving results. McKinsey research tells us that these leadership qualities translate into positive outcomes for women-led companies such as 41% higher return on equity and 56% better operating results. In the venture capital arena, women-led companies have less capital requirements and higher ROI

Based on these statistics, it is easy to see that women-led companies represent an incredible opportunity left untapped due to underfunding.

DivInc is dedicated to creating the spaces for women to thrive. We have to go hard and we need to start now.

- Preston L. James II, DivInc co-founder and CEO

What’s Next for Women in Tech

Building a Coalition

We are changing the narrative around women in the tech space, but we know we must lean on the expertise of others to make this happen. We will be working with our programming partners and Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and LGBTQIA+ leaders to bring together a coalition focused on identifying the needs of this community and how DivInc will play a part addressing those issues.

DivInc will utilize our community workshops, social gatherings, boot camps, and speaking opportunities to help bring resources, new and emerging experts, and key leaders to the forefront, as well as to create safe spaces for the curious.

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DivInc Houston Women in Tech Accelerator fueled by SheSpace

For the women founders needing access to community, capital, and coaching, we are launching our first Women in Tech Accelerator in Houston this Fall 2022. If you’re a female startup founder making waves in your industry, this is for you.

The DivInc accelerator is a 12-week intensive program focused on providing underrepresented startup founders access to essential resources, mentors, subject matter experts, coaches, and financial capital. The goal is to help early-stage startups do in 3 months what may take you 18+ months to do on your own.