DivInc + SheSpace Collab for First Ever Women in Tech Accelerator

DivInc’s Women in Tech Accelerator identifies and supports innovative women-led startups of any industry. Through this program, DivInc works hand-in-hand with female founders as they build their thriving companies and amplifies female voices in the tech ecosystem.

Having an accelerator focused on just women will allow the participants to grow more and will address the concerns and barriers that women-founded companies face. Tech, historically, is another male-dominated industry, and that exists with our prejudices and stereotypes and discrimination, and those things need to be addressed. Yes, women have been in tech for a long time, but not in this capacity — not as founders. So when they are surrounded by a cohort of all females … their growth will be exponentially larger than if surrounded by men.

Stephanie Tsuru, CoFounder of SheSpace

The goal is to continue to launch these scalable startups that are female-founded and build that pipeline and work with VCs to lead workshops and build relationships with these founders. The timing of it couldn't be better with all the stuff going on in this country in regards to women's rights.

For the first time, the accelerator will provide a childcare stipend for participants who need it. We know child care is a barrier. Women have kids, and sometimes they can't break away to work on their startup. So we're going to be providing a stipend for child care for the women that are accepted.

- Ashley Dewalt, DivInc’s Managing Director, Houston

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