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DivInc & Women in Sports Tech Launch Partnership to Support Diverse Founders in Sports Tech Industry

Women in Sports Tech (WiST) joins the DivInc team as program partners for Spring 2022 DivInc’s 5G Sports Tech Accelerator presented by Verizon.

We are proud to announce our programming partnership with Women in Sports Tech (WiST) for the inaugural 5G Sports Tech Accelerator made possible through support from title sponsor, Verizon.

DivInc’s 5G Sports Tech Accelerator in partnership with Verizon supports startups using technology to drive health & wellness , fan experience, the future of media, fantasy & sports betting, esports, and gaming innovation. 

WiST is a nonprofit organization that drives transformative growth opportunities for women, from the classroom to the boardroom, at the intersection of sports, technology and innovation. WiST develops and delivers innovative programs, original content and a global community that provide tangible value for women and employers alike.

With an expected market growth of over $36 billion by 2028 in the sports technology industry, it's essential we provide our founders with the critical access, networks and resources they need to be able to take advantage of this digital transformation. We established this partnership with WiST to begin, and continue, providing support to position our founders for success. - Ashley DeWalt, DivInc Managing Director in Houston.

DivInc partners with community organizations and nonprofits like WiST to assist in recruiting  diverse  founders  and subject matter experts to serve as mentors, advisors, coaches, and investors for the accelerator. These strategic partnerships are a key component to the success of DivInc programs as they bridge the gap between underrepresented talent and the industry they are entering.

As the sports technology industry explodes with incredible opportunity, we are so excited to partner with Ashley and the team at DivInc to provide equitable access to opportunities and to strategic investment. Together we will work to support, mentor, and foster confidence, courage, and community for diverse founders who are creating businesses that change the game. - Marilou McFarlane, CEO & Founder of WiST

In total, 10 companies will be accepted to the 12-week program which will run from April through June 2022 and will be hosted at The Ion in the heart of Midtown Houston. Upon completion of the program, each participating company will receive $10,000 non-dilutive seed funding provided by Verizon.

The Spring 2022 5G Sports Tech Accelerator in partnership with Verizon is also supported by Houston premier partners, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., The Ion, and Mercury, along with supporting sponsor, Intel, and additional programming partners HTX Sports Tech, The Cannon Sports & Media, and Sports Innovation Texas.

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