JPMorgan Chase Expands DivInc Premier Partnership to Austin & Houston 

Learn more about JPMorgan Chase's Premier Partnership with DivInc in Austin & Houston 

We are excited to announce that our long-term supporter, JPMorgan Chase, has generously contributed $480,000 in an effort to continue founder support in Austin and expand to Houston.  

The new grant will fund additional resources and program offerings as part of DivInc's slate of startup accelerators in Austin and Houston. It will also aid the expansion of the DivInc portfolio program and the launch of a venture studio designed to support DivInc portfolio founders as they move from the accelerator to the investment phase of growth. The grant will also make possible the public launch of the DivInc Validation Bootcamp, a new web-based program geared to any individual with a pre-accelerator startup needing guidance with the first steps of their founder journey. 

JPMorgan Chase was one of DivInc’s first corporate supporters in Austin, and now they are playing a key role in our Houston expansion. 

“I’m personally grateful for the amazing partnership that we have developed with JPMorgan Chase over the last 5 years. The team’s authenticity and genuine alignment to our mission to create transformative change in the entrepreneur ecosystem is what makes this such a valuable partnership. We, DivInc, knows we can’t do this work by ourselves, so it’s a blessing to have premier partners willing to get in the trenches with us to make a difference in our communities. We can’t create real change without making the heavy lift. We’re tremendously thankful to Dorian and the entire JPMorgan Chase team for rolling up their sleeves and leaning in with us.” - Preston James, DivInc Co-Founder and CEO

In addition to the donation of funds, JPMorgan Chase plans on working with us to further develop DivInc’s core accelerator program curriculum. By providing access to subject matter expertise, mentors, and coaches, the JPMorgan Chase partnership will not just bring new financial wins for DivInc, but also add value to the founders DivInc serves.

“In these challenging times, people of color and women need a helping hand to start their dream business to achieve their financial goals. DivInc has a proven track-record of success in Austin, and JPMorgan Chase is a proud supporter of their expansion into Houston.” - Dorian Cockrell, JPMorgan Chase Vice President Global Philanthropy.