Clean Energy Tech

Meet DivInc’s Spring 2023 Clean Energy Tech Cohort

Join us in Welcoming Cohort 12 to the DivInc family!

We are excited to announce the 7 startups selected for our inaugural Clean Energy Tech accelerator, in collaboration with Chevron and Microsoft. 

Based at The Ion Houston, this 12 week program focuses on diverse founders at the forefront of the clean energy transition with key areas in climate change solutions, clean energy production, energy storage and transmission, energy efficiency, carbon economy, sustainable/smart cities, and deployment of clean technologies for historically marginalized communities.  

These innovative, early-stage companies are working to ensure an equitable and inclusive clean energy transition:

BlackCurrant Inc is transforming the hydrogen industry by simplifying OTC transactions and offering a comprehensive platform for businesses to seamlessly obtain equipment, fuel, and services essential for hydrogen adoption. Blackcurrant bridges the gap between buyers and sellers, enabling a smooth transition to clean energy and fosters the growth of emerging hydrogen startups nurturing a diverse, innovative hydrogen market.

Akshaykumar Thakur, CEO/Founder

Owanga Solar delivers sustainable and affordable solar energy solutions to households and businesses in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our mission is to transform lives by providing reliable, clean energy while fostering economic growth and environmental responsibility in the region.

Benedict Owanga, Founder

Chinelo Adi, Business Strategist

Pirl Technology, Inc. builds next generation electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to accelerate the transition to electrified transport.

Kobby Osei-Kusi, Founder & CEO

Quantum New Energy (d.b.a. EnerWisely) is on a mission to create climate opportunities for everyone. Their software, EnerWisely, has evolved to help those who own assets that reduce carbon emissions, like solar panels, generate high quality, verifiable carbon credits that don’t green wash. By automating the process and tracking carbon credits from generation to market, EnerWisely makes it easier for more people to make money, while giving buyers peace of mind and reliable emissions reductions.

Patricia Vega, Founder & CEO

SOL roofs is creating the next generation of solar roofs through innovating existing technologies.

Daniel Duerto, Founder

WIP International Services LLC solves the problems of drinking water scarcity and thirst with its atmospheric water generators. They produce fresh drinking water from the humidity in the air.

Tracy Jackson, CEO

Meet the Spring 2023 Clean Energy Tech cohort on April 13 at Second Draught The Ion! RSVP for more Clean Energy Tech events at