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Meet the DivInc Spring 2022 5G Sports Tech Accelerator Cohort

Kedreon Cole

Jeremy Gaston

Jason Robinson

Destin Bell

Dustin McMahon

William Kodama

Evan Magnusson

RaShaun Brown

Clay Canning

Eddie Davis IV

Eddie Davis III

Brave Virtual Worlds

Playbook Five

Top Prospect


Screen Skinz

DivInc is proud to announce our Spring 2022 5G Sports Tech Accelerator cohort, made possible through support from title sponsor Verizon.

DivInc’s 5G Sports Tech Accelerator hosted at The Ion in Midtown Houston supports startups using technology to enhance the sports industry in the areas of health and wellness, fan experience, the future of media, sports betting, esports and gaming. 

The Spring 2022 5G Sports Tech Accelerator in partnership with Verizon is also supported by Houston premier partners, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., The Ion, and Mercury, along with supporting sponsor, Intel, and programming partners HTX Sports Tech, The Cannon Sports & Media, Sports Innovation Texas, and Women in Sports Tech.

Brave Virtual Worlds

Brave helps athletes and coaches catch and evaluate unseen movements to increase their odds of winning through wearable motion capture. We are the platform to understand human movement, and recreate physical experiences to build new worlds.

Focus: Sports Tech Industry, Health & Wellness, B2B Saas

William Kodama
CEO & Co-Founder

Dhyey Parikh
COO & Co-Founder

Evan Magnusson
CTO, CFO & Co-Founder

Destin George Bell, Founder is a gamified cardio fitness platform turning any outdoor cardio routes you & your friends walk or run into areas in your city you can claim! Users can create or join teams, own, steal and defend.

Focus: Sports Tech Industry, Health & Wellness, Esports, Marketplaces

Local Sports Network

Dustin McMahon, CEO & Co-Founder

Local Sports Network is strengthening ties between high schools, sports fans and athletes.

Focus: B2B Saas, Marketplaces, Sports Tech Industry, Fan Experience, Future of Media

Playbook Five

Jason Robinson, CEO & Co-Founder

Playbook Five is an immersive ed-tech platform providing athletes an opportunity to take the repetitions needed to perform at a high level. Playbook Five's research-backed proprietary methodology increases player confidence and increases retention time.  

Focus: Sports Tech Industry, Future of Media

Screen Skinz

Screen Skinz are patent-pending disappearing logo screen protectors designed to allow you to protect your mobile device screens with passion. We are officially licensed with the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and major colleges/universities.

Focus: Consumer Product Goods (CPG), eCommerce, Sports Tech Industry, Fan Experience, Esports

Top Prospect

Next-generation NFT Sports Community & Marketplace that empowers aspiring collegiate and professional athletes.

Focus: Sports Tech Industry, Future of Media

Eddie Davis, IV

Eddie Davis, III


TRAINR is a training marketplace that’s closing the gap between youth athletes and global trainers. They help trainers build a more lucrative training practice, and help less skilled athletes gain equal access to high level training.

Focus: Marketplaces, Sports Tech Industry, Health & Wellness

Jeremy Gaston
CEO & Co-Founder

XR Sports Group

Kedreon Cole, CEO

XR Sports is a launchpad for media properties and influencers to create web3 based social fan hubs.

Focus: B2B Saas, Marketplaces, Fan Experience, Future of Media, Esports