The Story Behind DivInc's Rebrand

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You may have noticed that DivInc is looking a bit different these days. From the website, to our social media, and our events, we're having a “new phone, who dis?” moment. Here's why...

This is an exciting time for us. Over the last year alone, we have expanded our tentpole accelerator program to include four distinct verticals: Sports Tech, Clean Energy, Women in Tech, and Social Impact. We have strengthened old and forged new partnerships with national organizations like Capital Factory, BlavityORG, Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web, Gunderson Law Firm, and Black Girl Ventures. We've also produced special events aimed at meeting the needs of diverse founders at every stage of their journey.

As we've leveled up, we realized our brand needed a come up too. So, we held our breath, and took the plunge into the rebrand journey. With the help of our fantastic community and an exceptional team of experts, we asked and answered the fundamental question: "Who is DivInc?" This process helped us to crystallize our identity and clarify our messaging, resulting in a powerful new brand that truly embodies who we are.

Learning from Our Community

We started by learning from our community, pinpointing the needs of our founders through surveys and 1-on-1 interviews with DivInc founders, sponsors, investors, mentors, and subject matter experts led by our friends at Retna Media. As we listened to their perspectives on our organization and its impact, we began to see our "secret sauce" through their eyes, as well as their vision for our future. Through these conversations, we gained valuable insights into the needs and challenges of our founders, and learned how to engage with and create opportunities for our supporters.

Who We Are

Our mission is to generate social and economic equity through entrepreneurship, and we occupy a unique space of providing resources to support underrepresented groups while creating a community. We are unique because we care about our founders at our core and reflect that in every action.

Our core values inform the work that we do. With these 4 guiding principles, we were able to translate our work into a brand identity that reflects our ethos as an organization:

Live the Mission

Live the Mission. Equity is Our Compass: We are all about intentional decision-making rooted in our shared vision of a more just world. We live it out in everything we do.

Stronger United

Empathy is Our Strength: We aim for more collaboration, less competition. Transparency, empathy & grace are how we get there. We are stronger united.

Relentless Innovation

Innovation is Our Passion: We aren’t just problem solvers, we are problem optimizers. Challenges open the door for innovation, so we welcome them with open arms.

Courageous Ownership

Courage in Our Leaders: Each person has the ability to affect change. We encourage everyone to take ownership of their space and be fearless in their leadership.

Nailing Down the Brand

With all this information in hand, we embarked on the rebrand. Our friends at Working with Saint and our media and marketing community partners (un)Common logic helped translate our research into a cohesive and authentic brand. Through a series of workshops, strategy sessions, and tough conversations, we were able to identify a brand voice and personality that feels authentic to our community and our purpose.

Our Tone

Our tone is passionate, informative, and casual. We pour all our energy and enthusiasm into our founders, creating a safe space where diverse entrepreneurs can thrive. We're one of the premier startup accelerators at the intersection of DEI & tech, and we're proud of it.

Passionate: excitement, above-and-beyond, commitment, driven

  • While emotion is a great way to connect to community and bring life to our mission, passion speaks to the energy and enthusiasm we pour into our founders.

Informative: insightful, intentional, conscious

  • We are one of the premier startup accelerators at the intersection of DEI & tech; The quality of our programming & the caliber of our community is why we talk like this - we can back it up. 

Casual: conversational, simple, clear

  • At DivInc, we believe in balance. By blending our passion, expertise, and genuine sense of community, we create safe and supportive spaces where diverse founders can thrive.

Our Logo

Our logo needed to be clear and represent our organization's name accurately, so we re-evaluated it with that goal in mind. People were calling us "Div" or "Div Inc" instead of "DivInc," which signaled the need for a logo that could communicate who we are and how to say our name correctly. Now, our wordmark logo achieves that clarity with its bold design, reflecting our vision to help diverse startup founders achieve equity through entrepreneurship.

Our Color Palette

We've updated our color palette to better represent our passion and commitment to the community. We refined our original bright pink and turquoise colors into a more cohesive range, and added bold orange and electric purple for an even stronger impact.

The Ripple Effect

At Divinc, we're all about creating a ripple effect. We know that promoting equity through entrepreneurship can't happen in isolation. That's why we're focused on fostering growth for the entire community, one company at a time. When we support a founder by providing them with the resources they need to build their company, they in turn create jobs. These jobs help to uplift the community, which has a positive impact on the city and the entire ecosystem. With our new key design element, we're capturing this ripple effect in action.

Looking Ahead

We're so excited about this new chapter for DivInc, and we can't wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news - we're just getting started!

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