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Meet the DivInc Fall 2022 Women in Tech HTX Cohort

Meet the Founders

Sharon Du

Ashima Sharma

Lamesha Davis

Courtney Pettway

Doris Llamas

Maritere McGovern

Srinee Bajaj

Sierra Pena

Pamela Martinez

Alicia Williams

Meet the DivInc Fall 2022 Women in Tech HTX Cohort

We are proud to announce our inaugural Women in Tech cohort made possible through support from Houston title sponsor, SheSpace.

In total, 9 companies have been accepted to participate in the 12-week program, which will run from September through December 2022 and will be hosted at SheSpace and The Ion Houston.The Fall 2022 Women in Tech Accelerator fueled by SheSpace is also supported by Houston premier partners, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Verizon, The Ion, and Mercury.


Patenteer takes the tedious and non-creative work out of patent prosecution, allowing patent attorneys and agents to work more efficiently and more joyfully.

Sharon Du, Founder


Dreami closes the gap to career development by powering mentorship-driven educational and workforce programs for educational, non-profit, and government organizations.

Ashima Sharma, Founder

Health Care Travels

Health Care Travels was established to solve the challenges faced by traveling healthcare professionals in securing affordable short-term housing. We provide a centralized platform to assist travel healthcare professionals in finding affordable and reliable short-term housing.

Lamesha Davis, Founder


KidVestors® is an interactive financial literacy curriculum that teaches kids and teens money and how to invest. We teach K-12th personal finance and how to invest in real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, and overall financial literacy in a way that any age can understand.

Courtney Pettway, Founder


Mixie is an invite-only app that allows its members to redeem a free drink or appetizer every time they dine out from a list of curated local bars and restaurants. 

Doris Llamas

Port Lookout

Port Lookout is a cloud-based collaboration platform for chartering operators to optimize their port calls by decreasing manual tasks and human errors and increasing transparency.

Srinee Bajaj, Founder


Shelfleet helps digitally native brands discover, connect, and rent retail shelf space as a way to lower customer acquisition costs, create a physical presence, and better customer experiences.

Sierra Pena, Co-Founder

Snowball Wealth

Snowball Wealth is a community-first platform that moves college grads from debt to wealth. Snowball is the most affordable and impactful money advisor for the debt-to-wealth journey.

Pamela Martinez, Founder

Justli is an interactive learning platform that uses gamification to teach K-12 students social justice and social-emotional learning skills to reduce bullying and bias in schools.

Alicia Williams, Founder

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